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H. Dean Steward - Cases / Drug Cases

Over his long career, Dean Steward has handled hundreds of drugs cases in federal court. These cases often revolve around several issues:

1. Informants- The DEA in particular often uses undercover informants who will lie and work to set up the DEA's target. Mr. Steward pioneered techniques and procedures to uncover the lies and expose the informants.From the Los Angeles Times:

Informant Andrew Chambers collected at least $2 million, if not more, working as an informer for the DEA on more than 300 cases between 1984 and 2000. Although a longtime informer for the DEA, Chambers had lied under oath virtually every time he has been put on the witness stand. He lied about his criminal history, his educational background, his aliases, where he is from, and just about every personal detail you could imagine."

Josh Meyer, An Undercover Informant Comes Under Suspicion, L.A. Times, Mar, 5, 2000, at A1.

Chambers' rampant lies might never have become known were it not for the dogged detective work of H. Dean Steward while he was the directing Attorney of the Federal Public Defenders office in Santa Ana, California."

Andrew Murr, King of the Drugbusters, Newsweek, July 3, 2000, at 28-29.

2. Entrapment- A person is entrapped if they do things that they would not ordinarily do because they have been pressured or tricked. The pressure can take any number of forms, and each case depends on its individual facts.

3. Wiretaps- Another favorite of the DEA and the FBI are court-authorized wiretaps. There are a number of ways to attack these taps, with the goal being to have the recordings thrown out of court.

Mr. Steward is an experienced veteran in defending federal drug cases. Put this experience to work for you.